HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

What day is it???

My samples of the calendars came on Saturday. The large premium one looks GREAT! I just need to re-upload May's picture since I apparently uploaded two copies of June. Ooops. The smaller standard one I wasn't as happy with. It was cropped in more than I expected and since the proportions were different than the other one I didn't have everything as far in from the edges as I should have. So now I'm gonna redo all those pages. It's just a lot of tedious copy & paste & resize. Gotta get it done soon though because since that calendar is $10 cheaper it is the one most people are more likely to buy.
Plus, as soon as I get the pics reworked and uploaded i can start pimping this puppy out to all my friends & family. :)
Tags: calendar

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