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Email conversation

lucky13charm and I work for the same company but in different buildings. Therefore we are forced to converse via email. This was the conversation earlier this week. It amused me!

L13C: Is anyone working on LM Apps right now? I have all clubs.

Me: Nope. CCR. woo. hoo. I’m trying to contain my excitement.

L13C: LOL!

Me: You laugh! At my pain!
You are dead to me!!

L13C: I am not laughing AT your pain…….I AM laughing at the snarkiness…

Me: No, no. It is all about me. You laugh. Therefore you laugh at me. *sigh*

L13C: …but……but… L *pout*

Me: OK. You have redeemed yourself with a sad face. You are no longer dead to me.
I’m tired & cranky! I want to go home!!

L13C: L *looksaround* Have I pouted sufficiently? Can I stop now?
I don’t blame you for being tired & cranky! I’m tired……and would like to go home too!

Me: Yes, minion. You can stop pouting.
Tags: funny, work

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