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I love air conditioning!

We have working air conditioning again!
The dude who came to fix it said that because the unit was so old we were lucky to have gotten about 20 years out of it. Then hellbob told him tht it was actually 28 years old! But anyway, it wasn't really worth it to just repair it because it would just die again soon, so we got a new one put in. It's a super efficient one so we will get a $250 rebate from the power company, and it should also reduce our bills by half because the old one would have been inefficient as hell, even though it was the best you could get in 1975. Unfortunately the thing cost $2000. Ouch!!
hellbob is my hero. He worked from home yesterday in the 5 bajillion degree house so that he could be here for the air conditioning dude to do his work. He couldn't even properly enjoy it by wearing just his underwear, cuz of the AC dude.

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