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I'm cheating on my baby...

Yup, it's true. I'm typing this entry on Hellbob's IBM laptop instead of my beloved Chiana. She's in for repairs. :(

The Sound/DC-In Board needs to be replaced. Something in it isn't working, so the computer won't take any power when plugged in and the battery doesn't charge. *sigh* At least they had the part in stock at the Southdale Apple Store so I won't have to wait for it to be ordered...

But the most wonderful part of this? I purchased her on Sept 30, 2003. Yup, that's right boys & girls. I am TWO FRICKIN' WEEKS out of warranty!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. So instead of no charge, I get to pay $180. Yay!

Y'all aren't gonna see many posts or emails from me for a couple days. Apple Genius dude said there's a small chance it would be done tomorrow, but more likely on Monday or Tuesday. *sigh*
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