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My baby's home...

Well, I've got Chiana home now, but I'm annoyed. They didn't put the screw in the bottom left corner of the LCD screen. When I showed them the chick said that there was nothing in the notes about it, but she suspected that the tech might have left it out on purpose. Of course, it was his day off and he didn't answer his cell.

She also said there was a note in there that I would have to be careful opening and closing it, but that had never been mentioned when I was paying for it!

Yes, there was previous damage on the back. But it's been there for over a year!

I'm also pretty annoyed at the being TWO WEEKS out of warranty thing, because I've apparently always had a problem with my DC-in Board. When you plug the powerbook into DC power, it is supposed to be a solid orange while the battery is charging, and a solid green when the battery is charged. Mine has always flickered and changed from day one. This indicated to me that the problem has been there all along and just reached total failure a few days ago. Of course, there is no record with Apple of this, because I DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!! So this is a problem that should have been fixed while still under warranty, but I didn't know it was a problem.

But the missing screw thing? That is something they will need to fix. And if they can't get it fixed to my satisfaction they will need to replace the display. Yes, there was previous damage, but I don't expect to pay $180 to get something back in worse shape!

And to make matters more annoying, Hwy 100 north is closed this weekend for road work and that's the most direct route between my house and Southdale. So I've already made a trip down there Friday to find out that they didn't have any more appointments, a trip Saturday where they looked at it and I left it for repair, and then the trip today to pick it up. They asked if I wanted to leave it there while they waited for the tech to call back or if I wanted to take it home. Frankly, the thought of not having my computer and having to deal with the detour to go back again to pick her up was more than I was willing to put up with today. I think I'll just stop on my way home from work tomorrow.

At least she works and I can finish my homework and stuff.
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