HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

"Yeah, well send me a postcard. I'm not leaving." ~Duncan MacLeod

So I was looking at the postcard collection, wondering how many of the darn things I have. After all, the collection started back when I was a kid and dad would go to either Washington DC or Atlanta for training for work. That's more than a couple of years ago...

They are currently in a shoe box and I really didn't want to count them all, so I just counted out 100 of them.

100 postcards took up an inch & a half.
I have 14 1/2 inches of postcards.

My mad math skillz tell me that I have somewhere between 900 and 1000 postcards.

I know I have all the continents, but I'm not entirely sure if I have all the states yet... I should probably do some kind of inventory list of where I have them from... Sounds like an Excel spreadsheet kind of project. Then I could also flag if they were used or unused. Not that it is important to anyone but me, I just like having inventories.

*edit* Ok you smart-asses. It now says 'between 900 and 1000'
Tags: postcards

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