HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Tonight's spoiler filled tv babblings

Last week's ep, actually. He may be too young and he may not have the required goatee but I'm really loving the Ollie Queen character. And he's pretty darn hot for a blond.

Poor Greg. All bruised and battered!
Also, how come they have cameras, take a bunch of pictures of things, and then when they find something like a shoe in a bush, or the car keys, they'll go and pick it up without even snapping a picture of it?

and then we've got Supernatural...
The scene where Dean walks in on Sam watching porn? Priceless!
"Awkward" heeheeheehee
And Dean talking about the boyfriend cheating: "It takes two to... have hard-core sex." LOL!
And poor Sammy, always having to be the bait.
I'm pretty sure Sam works at our local grocery store. One of the cashiers there is awkwardly tall, young, and has the same insane hair. Have not seen Dean hanging around flirting with the female cashiers yet. Haven't seen any zombies shuffling down the aisles either.
Tags: csi, spn, sv, tv

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