HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

How can a long weekend be so short?

Out of work at 12:30, rush home so hellbob can drop me at campus for my 1:30 appointment w/Office for Students with Disabilities. HB is late, traffic sucks, so I get to appt about 10 minutes late. Get registered with OSD. I now get time and a half for tests if I need it (probably won't). Also, I get priority registration which means that I should never have to worry about any of my classes being full. Woo Hoo!
Then I attempted to get registered for the 2 classes that I had attended earlier in the week. I had the sheet that the counselor dude said I should get signed by the two teachers & it is thusly signed. So I went to the office that it told me to and the chick looked at it and said it was totally the wrong sheet. She then handed me a sheet that said "Waiver of pre-requisite" which was oddly enough the exact thing I was trying to accomplish. So, off I truck to the Graphic Design department only to find that no one is there on this friday-before-holiday. Grr!! So I went and stood in the registration line, anticipating that I would be told that what I had wasn't good enough. Luckily I think it was one of the simpler problems the poor registration woman had seen all day because she looked at what I had and said "you have the right forms, you have the right signatures, we'll just staple it all together and it will be good enough"!!! So I was FINALLY registered for my classes. Next mission was to get a student ID. Unfortunately they only do this 'til 3:00 on Friday's and it was now 3:10. Arg.
So, off to the bookstore to buy the thinnest paperback book you have ever seen for $60. And a parking card, so I could get into the ramp for only $2something instead of $3. I then attempted to pay for my 2 classes, but there was a line & hellbob was on his way to get me so I decided to just pay online instead.
4:00ish and we were ready to leave town. Other than a few sporadic slow spots traffic wasn't too bad. We got to Hibbing shortly after dark & just chatted with his dad & Annette until midnight or so.
Saturday we headed over to Grandmas and spent a few hours visiting with her. She's got a lot of pain in one of her legs, but other than that she looks really good. Dinner Saturday night was at Valentini's. If you are ever in Chisholm you must go eat there! I had the prime rib and it was soooooooooo good!
Sunday we had breakfast with Dad & Annette, and then headed over to grandma's for another hour before we hit the road.
We stopped at a few sales but didn't get anything cooler than a Chris Rock comedy CD to listen to on the drive.
In Brainerd we wandered around until we found Paul Bunyan Land. It seemed so much larger when I was a kid! The big statue of Paul now has a lazy eye. It's really kind of creepy. The gift shop was pretty much cleaned out. We did get a Paul Bunyan magnet for Mark though. Took a lot of pictures, but hellbob is playing online games right now so I am forbidden from stealing his bandwidth to upload pictures.
Got home late last night, and have spent all of today being lazy. Although I did just balance the checkbook and pay bills. I like having it balanced, and I like the feeling of mailing off the bills, but I hate the actual spending money of it! Played a little phone tag with bloodlossgirl but we never actually reached each other for us to get together in Brainerd.
We were pleasantly surprised to find the cats alive and not complaining when we got home. We didn't give them dinner before leaving town and at about midnight on Friday I turned to hellbob and said "you did ask chebutykin to feed the cats, right?" Unfortunately his response was "I thought you did" So Saturday morning I called Cheb and said "please, please, please feed our kitties!" The didn't seem too upset when we got home so she must have taken good care of them!

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