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We are now only two weeks from OmegaCon!
Roll call! Who is going????

*exciting news*
hellbob is going to attend for the first time ever!! Yay! Hey, lucky13charm, if we want hotel sex, can we kick you out of the room for a while? *grin*

Hot tubs & games & shiny food! Yay!

I will be back in my usual room again, the Grey (or maybe Red...) Squirrel room, renamed last year by L13C, 7thstrange and me The Godzilla Grouse room!

If any of y'all see Birdchick/unclebastard before then and you are given a "I *heart* watching porn" sticker, do not be alarmed. It is for me to put on my laptop because the back piece where I already have one is being replaced. It's fun to see the looks people give me when they see it, and I'm pretty sure it helps keep Republicans away, kind of like garlic does for vampires.

*sad news*
Chiana is hiding in the back room at the Apple store and won't be coming home until tomorrow. But she will have a brand spanking new casing around the display! Yay! And I get to keep the old on. Any ideas what I should do with it?
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