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Penn called me sexy


Had another email read by Penn on his show today.

Today's topics are Halloween, Cris Angel dating Paris Hilton, and a Michigan man arrested for having sex with a dead dog.

Don't worry, my email was about Halloween.

While he was reading it Penn was saying that he just found it incredibly sexy.

He's a very strange man, because this is what the email said: "I love Halloween for one reason: it is the only day of the year that I can go to work wearing comfy flannel pajamas instead of regular work clothes!"

LOL! If you're listening to Penn's show, either live or the next day's podcast feed, and he reads an email from a 'Sharon' it is most likely me because I haven't heard any other Sharon's on there yet. Since I listen online at work I have to send emails instead of calling.
Tags: halloween, penn jillette

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