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The part isn't in for my laptop yet. I called the store. It's apparently now being transferred from another store but it's already in transit. WTF? Why was it at another store? Did they ship it to the wrong one? Did the other store have one in stock all along? If another store had it I would have been more than happy to go to that store, frickin' buy the part and take it to Southdale myself! It's not a warranty repair so I'm paying for the part anyway.

So, now I have to go to the campus computer lab tonight and work until they close and still not have enough done on my newsletter for class tomorrow. Grrrrrrrrrr! I took Chiana in on Thursday so that I would have her for the weekend! I work full time. Sunday is my main homework day. It's also the only day the campus labs aren't open.

So, hellbob, I'll call ya later but don't expect me home before 10:00. :(
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