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The end of the tunnel is in sight!

I registered for next semester, and I was looking at the required classes I have left...
Eight classes. 24 credits.
After Spring it will be SIX classes and only 18 credits!!

The classes I still need are:

GRPH 1540 History of Graphic Design *taking this next semester*
GRPH 1560 Print Production 1 *taking this next semester*
ARTS 1142 Painting 1 (If I can't fit this in here as a night class I will look into taking it at a different community college)
GRPH 2130 Graphic Design Problems 1 (offered Fall only)
GRPH 2165 Print Production 2 (offered Fall only)
GRPH 2530 Graphic Design Problems 2 (offered Spring only)
GRPH 2540 Career Planning/Professional Practices (offered Spring only)
GRPH 2550 Portfolio Prep/Exhibit (offered Spring only)

Theoretically I could be done here in a year and a half...
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