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Moose on the Loose!

There was a bull moose only two blocks from where I work today and I didn't see it or photograph it! Dammit!
The WCCO story is here

Moose Spotted In Minnetonka, Made Way Onto I-494
Slideshow: Moose In Minnetonka

Lisa Kiava

(WCCO) Minnetonka, Minn. Department of Natural Resources workers said their only choice to deal with a moose wandering through a Twin Cities suburb was to shoot the animal. The moose, which wandered through Minnetonka Thursday morning, was one stubborn bull. All attempts to try and coax it back into its natural environment failed, and it repeatedly reappearing dangerously close to metro traffic.

"I got on the phone and said, 'You're not gonna believe what I saw,'" said Adam Silbernick, who was driving on Interstate 494 when he spotted a pair of antlers on a pedestrian walkway. "I'm like it's the Cities you don't see that."

Some photographed the lost animal earlier as it trotted past a parking lot.

"First thing I thought is, 'How do I get away from it?' I didn't know what to expect," said Dave Deshler, who was about 20 feet from the bull near an office complex.

At one point, the moose walked along the side of I-494 near Highway 62. Three Minnetonka police cars forced it away. Later, new moose sightings popped up.

"He had a big rack on him. I thought, 'I hope he's a nice moose,'" said Barbara McLaughlin.

The conservation officer saw it running in back yards. He had to wait until the moose moved away from houses before he could shoot it safely.

"My reaction was that I have to get to Excelsior Boulevard before he causes an accident," said DNR district supervisor Lt. Scott Carlson.

Tranquilizing the animal would likely cause it to stumble for a half hour. It was decided this scenario was not a viable option near traffic. It took just one shot to end its suburban run.

A donation from Safari Club International ensured the moose did not go to waste. It's being processed at a meat plant in St. Paul and will be donated to a Second Harvest food shelf.

If I'd known he was wandering around out there I would have gladly taken my lunch at 9am to go get pictures!
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