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Omegacon tomorrow! Yay!

When I get off work tomorrow at 3:30 I head on home and when lucky13charm gets here we hop in the car with hellbob and head to Siren, WI for a weekend of pajamas, games, hot tubs and geeky conversations!
I stopped at the mall tonight and acquired a new pair of pajamas.
I also got new stickers for Chiana.
And I stopped at Games by James. I picked up 10 Days in the USA. I also asked if they still had any of the newest Killer Bunnies promo because I can't find the one I got when I bought the khaki booster. The girl at the store was sure they still had a bunch of them, but she couldn't find them anywhere behind the counter. I think I ruined the poor girl's night because when I left she was still determined to find them and was still looking. Heck, she's probably STILL looking. :)
Tags: chiana, omegacon, shopping

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