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I'm all relaxed & shit now!

Another OmegaCon has come & gone...
Since I am actually working on homework and just taking a quick break, this will mostly be a highlights post.

Worked. Bleah.
Got home. Packed.
lucky13charm showed up and stowed her car in our garage. We climbed into the HellCar and drove to Siren, Wisconsin. Yay!
moneygod sees hellbob and almost has a heart attack. Pokes him. "You're really here!" LOL. Yes, boys & girls, hellbob finally attended OmegaCon!
We saw chebutykin & cajones on their way out the door in search of dinner. I yelled, "Yo! Where's my Moose?!" I was informed that he was back in the room in her suitcase hiding in her underwear. Good enough.
We check in to Cabin #1, Grey Squirrel.
The cabin will be referred to, however, as the Godzilla Grouse cabin. Why? Because there is a photo of a grouse on the wall. But in low light (and that's all there is in this room!) unless you go look directly at it, the blurred wings pretty much vanish and it looks like a picture of GODZILLA!! 7thstranger discovered this last year as she was laying in the bed near it and looked up at the wall. I provide photographic evidence of this:

This amusing fact will come into play again on Sunday's part of this post.
Pajamaness was, as required, achieved within the first 15 minutes of hotel arrival.
Games were dropped off on the Table of Gaming Goodness, and we then headed down to ConSuite to educate hellbob on the awesomeness of Roadkill & Mrs. Roadkill. They rock!
My drink of choice all weekend was Yukon Jack and orange juice. But, since there were bartenders mixing them for me and the bottle was safely out of my paws, I did not get trashed at any point, just fuzzy-happy for a little while.
lucky13charm and I did hit the hot tub on Friday night. silmarian, drakenfly, obafugakum, jklumpp, weasel_king and laffingbuddha were already lurking there. It was quite disappointing though in the fact that the hot tub was actually a luke warm tub. Fooey.
After the not-hot tub, I found a group playing "Things in a Box" and watched for a bit. There were eventually enough of us watching that we grabbed a pile of the cards and started our own game. It is a fun game. I did learn that the Cali/Caly (sp?) do share one brain despite looking like they are two separate beings...
I'm sure there were other wanderings and such Friday, but I'm too relaxed to remember them.

Wandered out and about around 11 or noonish.
Roadkill was doing his fabulous grilled sammiches again. There was deep-fried stuff too. Shiny food is good food!
hellbob, lucky13charm and I left the hotel briefly to hunt down a cash machine, some Diet Mountain Dew for me, and to hit the PourHouse, which might be the only liquor store in Siren. I bought the new bottle of Yukon Jack for the bar since the one I bought last year was almost gone.
After getting back to the hotel I got my first Salad Bowl game of the weekend. It was me, theseamster, vorrant, cajones, chebutykin, eldogo, montechristobo, and windelina. Lots of fun. Best quote was indeed, "And if my knee was Scottish?" from montechristobo. eldogo really does know pretty much every obscure person in existance. Played some more games after that. Learned Hex Hex which was fun, but not what I was in the mood for. Played 10 days in the US with hellbob, lucky13charm and non-LJ Nate.
Dinner was very unspectacular. The prime rib was mediocre at best. Not just because it was cooled off and there were no utensils. That was expected. But the meat itself just wasn't that high a quality. I think next year I shall follow chebutykin & cajones example and just wander over to Adventures for something a little cheaper and cooked fresh.
There was another salad bowl game that evening. davedujour and scotia_girl shouldn't be on the same team since they are the only ones who know soccer players.
That game was the one with the phrase "He blew a nun!" It was George Carlin and I was getting my Kevin Smith films mixed up. I said "He's a comedian. In Dogma he blew a nun..." What I really meant was that in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back he would hitchhike & blow the men who picked him up, and in Dogma, he was the cardinal, of course. But when you're almost out of time in Salad Bowl things don't always come out right...
The rest of Saturday night involved more hanging out, and more chatting with folks.

We got checked out of our room by about 11:30 or so. That might just be our earliest con checkout ever. *grin*
We got french toast in the con suite. I played a short game of Apples to Apples. Unfortunately it was voted to be non-cutthroat. I never get to play a good cutthroat game it seems. I think you tend to get funnier answers when you don't give people to much time to think. But when I try to play that way with hellbob (cutthroat is when the last card thrown in isn't allowed) he doesn't even look at his cards to decide, he just throws one in, which then makes other people start doing the same thing so that they won't be last and then you just end up with random cards that aren't even related to the green on in any way.
After that we were about to leave when Peter rounded up folks for another game of Salad Bowl. Another good game. Moment that got the most "WTF?"s from the other players was when lucky13charm said "grouse" and I immediately got "Godzilla" After the game we registered for next year and headed across the street for dinner.
Dinner was with chebutykin, cajones, eldogo, and lucky13charm. The pasta was good.
Then we drove home. Weekend over.
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