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Please don't let me be getting sick!
I'm feeling crappy today. No sniffles or coughs or such, but I ache.
I just plain ache, all over.
My back, my abdomen, my neck, my shoulders... Abdomen could be mild cramps except that they would be at least 3 days after normal timing. Shoulder could be from spending so much time on the computer w/the Wacom tablet doing my homework that was due last night. My abdomen actually feels like I just did a bunch of crunches last night. I didn't. I can't think of any reason for being achy in so many places other than coming down with something. Add to that the the fact that lucky13charm left work early this morning because she puked. Yes, this is the lucky13charm who I spent a good deal of time with this weekend, including 3+ hours in the car & sleeping in the same room.
I just wanna go home and curl up under a blanky w/Lump cat.
In other news, had Type class again last night. Still haven't learned anything. Worst teacher I've had at MCTC, hands down. Hmmmm. Only 4 weeks left in the semester. We've turned in 3 projects, the last of which was turned in a month ago. Guess how many I know my grade on? If you guessed anything higher than ZERO, you already know more about teaching than her. It's just ridiculous to not have gotten ANY assignments graded yet!
Tags: rant, school, sick

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