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It's Font-a-rific!

I finally got around to hunting down some font management software. Now I can print font lists with the fonts samples, I can do an entire page of just one font with different sizes and sample paragraphs, I can print a character map for each font.
I needed this sooo badly. I have 505 fonts on my computer right now, and I haven't even come close to loading in everything from my different sources. It was such a pain to figure out which one to use by scrolling down a computer list (not to mention that some programs just list the names without any preview of what it looks like!) Now that I can print & organize I can start loading more in!!
You can never have too many fonts! :)

It is now time to start straightening up the house, so that when Kerry stays here Sunday night she won't realize just how much of a slob I am! :)

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