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My calendar is done!!

Need a calendar for 2007? I've got the perfect one for you!

Here's a sample picture:

You can see all the pictures here

I'm selling them through Lulu.com, and you can find my storefront HERE.

I made two different versions.
The premium is 13.50" x 19.00", coil binding, 80# white interior paper, full-color interior ink
The standard is 11" x 8.5", coil binding, 100# white interior paper, full-color interior ink

Basically the differences are that the premium is printed on one large page with the binding at the top, and it is on a much heavier, almost card stock, paper. The standard is spiral bound in the middle so each month's calendar is on the back of the next month's picture. It is also a much thinner paper.

The premium sells for $25 and the standard is $15, plus shipping & handling.

The main reason I did the premium is because that is the style of calendar that I wanted for myself, but when I got my proof copies, I was really impressed with the premium one. It is definitely a lot nicer than the standard.

If you are not in the Twin Cities, pretty much the only way to get it will be to order direct from Lulu. My commission on each is less than the shipping so it would actually cost you more to order from me. But, if you are here in Minneapolis/St. Paul where I can hand deliver them to you, you do have another option. If I order at least 5 of the same version, there is a price break. At that point I can sell them at $25 & $15 without losing money on shipping.
Basically, I'm not making anything on the calendars this year, but I don't have to put any cash out for them either. Since this is the first time I've tried something like this, this year is just my chance to see how it goes.
So if you would like either of them, let me know and put the order in when I have enough people. Then, you can pay me when I deliver them to you. If you want to see the calendars "in person" first, just let me know and we can figure out a time/place to meet.
And, of course, tell all your friends!
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