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The really bad type teacher actually gave us a tiny bit of feedback last night on our roughs. Also, I learned that I just have to do stuff, it doesn't have to be good. I asked her if she had any of our previous assignments graded yet and she said no. Then she said that if everything is turned in I could just assume I'm getting an A because the biggest thing that causes people to get a lower grade is not turning everything in. This is a second year class in a two year program! Shouldn't we be getting some kind of feedback????

Four days off! Yay! I'm in Shakopee next week and the week after.

Four days to relax! Although I think we now have plans for all 4 days.

My mother is officially completely bat-shit nuts! Thanksgiving with her extended family tomorrow will be fun. If Dad wasn't going to be there hellbob and I would TOTALLY be crashing dinner at akdar's mom's house instead. More details on this to follow in a flocked post.

I have to get him to Jeanine's house so that he can travel abroad again! He will be going to London, Paris and Luxembourg. Lucky bastard!

Still love Penn Jillette's show. It's been almost 2 weeks since I sent an email during it though...
Bad news on the Farpoint Media front. If any of y'all listen to Michael & Evo's Wingin' It but don't go to the webpage, Joe posted some disturbing news this last Monday: http://www.michaelandevo.com/2006/11/20/got-some-bad-news-this-weekend
Basically, he has a tumor in his abdomen the size of a cantaloupe. The only symptom he's had thus far is anemia, so hopefully that means it is just one tumor that's benign and all will be well when it's removed. The guys over there have been keeping up a sense of humor about it though. The tumor has been named Kuato. *sigh* On Saturday during the live feed/chat room we were talking about Joe having gone to the ER that morning but no one knew why or what was wrong. I don't thing any of us guessed that he has an alien growing in his tummy. :( If you listen to the show, pop over and leave him a note. If you don't listen, just send positive "Kuato must die!" thoughts toward Arizona, K?

OK, back to work for me now.
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