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All the Minnesotans on my list are complaining about the COLD. I'm sure those of you in other places are just rolling your eyes at this because it is, after all, Minnesota in November.
Here's a little perspective...

TWO days ago we had thunderstorms. I didn't have to wear my coat from the car into school.

Today? There were single digit temperatures. It's warmed up a bit now that it is noon...

According to Yahoo Weather, it is currently 15 degrees, and feels like 2 degrees (-9 C & -17 C). So I figured I'd check out the weather somewhere else to make me feel better about it. mcpenguin is currently at McMurdo Base, in Antarctica. It's always cold there. It will make me feel better to see their gods-awful cold temps.
It is 25 degrees there! It feels like 19 degrees! (-4 C & -7 C).

Yes, boys & girls. We will complain about today's cold here in Minnesota because WE ARE COLDER THAN FRICKIN' ANTARCTICA!!!!!!!!!
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