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Yummy goodness in my life!

I am currently at work, on my lunch break. I am eating very delicious leftover steak & mashed potatoes with bacon & cheese! Yay! And where did this oh so yummy lunch come from? That's the best part!
They are my leftovers from an absolutely fabulous dinner with the lovely caoilainn!
She flew all teh way from Baltimore to Minneapolis JUST to meet ME! Yay! (Oh, alright. There may have been some work involved too...)
She was staying in one of the downtown hotels connected to our skyway system, so she was able to meet me for dinner without having to go outside!
(The Mpls skyway system:
http://minneapolis.about.com/library/bl/bl_mplsmap_hotels.htm )

We sat at the restaurant and talked and ate for a good two and a half hours and never ran out of things to say! felisblanco & tx_cronopio, we talked about you! Don't worry, all good! We have become more determined that we need to find a way to make IceCon work because we loves the Felis. And she says I need to meet Cronopio too because she's uber-cool!
We talked about conventions & Buffy fandom & pairings & dislike of pairing names & Wincest squicking us (although we read it anyway) but J2 RPS being completely believable & skyways & how cool downtown Minneapolis is & that she has to come back during summer months & I need to go out to Baltimore to visit her & speeding tickets we've gotten and not gotten & generic drugs & cool credit card holders from Target & DVDs I need to watch & Basilicas & cathedrals & Chicago & lots and lots of stuff! Yay!
Live Journal is a wonderous place because everyone here I've ever then met in real life has been so super cool & fabulous! I want to throw a HellCon and make everyone on my friends list all come to Minnesota at the same time (in summer of course!)

Sadness: lunch is over, steak is gone, can't type any more. :( I'll post more tonight, including a linkarific guide for caoilainn of things we talked about! Every time I get nervous about meeting an LJ person IRL, those fears are easy to set aside because the ratio of really cool (lots!) to psycho and/or scary (none!) keeps increasing.

And I REALLY need to make an "I love Mpls" type icon!
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