HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

The "give me a letter" meme

The "give me a letter" meme is going around again.
genevra tagged me with the letter G, obviously a ploy to get me to say genevra...

So, 10 things I like that start with G:

1. Gabriel. My puddy-tat. He's old and fat and cuddly and I lurve him!
2. gigglemonkey_b & technomonkey_m. My monkeys!
3. grilled cheese sammiches
4. Gear Daddies
5. Graphic design
6. Giraffes
7. genevra. She's my sister, I've gotta like her! ;)
8. Geek boys, especially hellbob
9. green bottles of pop (yes, Diet Mtn Dew, which does not start with G but I got it in here anyway!)
10. Grr. Argh. All things Mutant Enemy.

If you want a letter, comment with "I want a letter."
Tags: g, meme

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