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Coverville Countdown

Because I've been slipping in my Coverville pimpin' duties lately I feel obligated to bring you the list of the top 40 favorite cover songs as voted on my the listeners of Coverville:

40) Ana Ng, covered by Self
39) Age Of Consent, covered by Grant Lee Phillips
38) My Way, covered by Sid Vicious
37) I Don't Like Mondays, covered by Tori Amos
36) Heroes, covered by Icehouse
35) Comfortably Numb, covered by Copper Box
34) We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions, covered by Jonathan Coulton
33) Highway To Hell, covered by Hayseed Dixie
32) Don't Worry Be Happy, covered by Yum! Yum! Orange
31) Mahna Mahna, covered by Cake
30) Redemption Song, covered by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer
29) Crazy, covered by Ray Lamontagne
28) Oops...I Did It Again, covered by Richard Thompson
27) What a Wonderful World, covered by Joey Ramone
26) Plastic Jesus, covered by Billy Idol
25) Hallelujah, covered by Allison Crowe
24) Don't Dream It's Over (live), covered by Howie Day
23) Sympathy For The Devil/Livin' For The City, covered by Opie Gone Bad
22) Bohemian Polka (cover of Bohemian Rhapsody), covered by Weird Al Yankovic
21) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, covered by Devo
20) Hotel California, covered by Gipsy Kings
19) Teenage Dirtbag, covered by Scala Choir & Kolacny Brothers
18) ...Baby One More Time, covered by Fountains of Wayne
17) Straight Outa Compton, covered by Nina Gordon
16) Nothing Else Matters, covered by Lucie Silvas
15) Istanbul (Not Constantinople), covered by They Might Be Giants
14) I Will Survive, covered by Cake
13) Hey Ya, covered by Mat Weddle
12) Bitches Ain't Sh*t , covered by Ben Folds
11) One, covered by Johnny Cash
10) Comfortably Numb, covered by Scissor Sisters
9) Common People, covered by William Shatner (w/Joe Jackson & Ben Folds)
8) Mad World, covered by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules
7) Wonderwall, covered by Ryan Adams
6) Milkshake, covered by Chance
5) Baby Got Back, covered by Jonathan Coulton
4) Lithium, covered by The Polyphonic Spree
3) Hallelujah, covered by Jeff Buckley
2) Toxic, covered by Nickel Creek
1) Hurt, covered by Johnny Cash

You can download the five episodes where these songs were all played at the Coverville website, as well as find links to the songs in iTunes and Amazon (if they are available there)
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