HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

I want to work for LutherCorp!!!

This is what swmbocalls the company she works for when talking about it. This is what they get to do:

The following email just came out from the owner of the company:


Beginning on Friday, January 19th, we will be having a “12 hour Film Festival”. So what does this mean? Each Friday, for 6 consecutive weeks, teams of LuthorCorpians will be making “Movie Shorts” with the team producing the most creative movie winning dinner and a movie for two, for each team member…but wait, that’s not all.

There will then be a drawing and one lucky team member will win…A Weekend in Hollywood, CA for two, and a Tour of a Major Studio.

So here is how this works. By the end of today, you need to send an email to CoWorker JS to declare your interest. If there is a Friday between 1/19 and 2/23 that you will not be available, please mention it on this email.

Teams will be selected at random and will each include an editor and a shooter. We will not reveal who is on whose team, though you will receive an email with your “12 Hour” date.

On your Friday, you will need to go to the rec room at precisely 3pm to meet your team. Each team will be given an envelope with 5 words/phrases. The movie must be based on the fusion of these 5 words/phrases. You will then have 12 hours, 3pm – 3am, to conceive, write star in, direct, shoot and edit a movie short not to exceed 7 minutes. How you divide responsibilities is up to your team, though we ask that each member stay the entire 12 hours. LuthorCorp will provide pizza/beer and the equipment.

Movies will be judged on creativity as well as the ability to utilize the 5 words/phrases. Judges will be the Sr. Management team and Culture Club. The films will be shown and the winners will be announced at our annual meeting.

Please respond immediately to J so that we can set up teams.

If someone in your department is out today, please call them so that they also have this opportunity. Video production does not need to respond if you’ve already emailed me regarding your availability and skill sets.

12 hours is not a lot of time to achieve creative nirvana…let the games begin.

I am dying. I totally signed up :)
How much does that rock??
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