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It has been a very good weekend so far!

I didn't go to work on Friday! Instead I slept in and then at about 11:00ish kniblet & dibsy called to let me know that they were on their way to my house from their hotel.
I introduced them to the little fuzzy ones and then gave them a tour of our house. Apparently our house was built using Time Lord technology because it was much larger than it looked from the outside. We didn't have any specific plans, so before heading out we watched the newest episode of Smallville. Man, that Oliver Queen is a pretty pretty boy!
After the show we headed out for food. Big Bowl at Ridgedale. Yum! And we did some shopping (although somehow I am the only one who bought anything...)
After shopping, we had a brief visit to the MonkeyHouse to see genevra, technomonkey_m & gigglemonkey_b. gigglemonkey_b found Moose sticking out of my back and 'liberated' him. They also both decided my lap was the best place to sit to eat their snacks.
After that it was time to hop in the car to go meet freyjakj, oed_1 & hellbob at a coffee shop since freyjakj & oed_1 had not yet met them in real life yet.
There was much more fabulous chatting. Then freyjakj & oed_1 had to head home to their munchkin, boliviafang showed up, and we all left for dinner at Soba's. genevra, mle292 and vanaabegra showed up too and there was still more fabulous chatting.
Today hellbob & I slept in while the Nibleys went to look at art with mle & vanaabegra and we met for lunch after that. Very tasty dim sum at Jun Bo. The yummiest bit of food there was the squid! Now I'm relaxing on the couch at home waiting for the Nibleys to show up so that we can, you guessed it, go eat!
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