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OK all you Mac users...

I need advice.
Apple will finance a computer for me, cuz I is a college student.
What kind of Mac should I get/do I need?
G5 desktop = way more powerful for the money.
Powerbook = portable & cool.

I am studying Graphic Design. It's a 2 year program, but I'm gonna take a bit longer than that since I'm only part time. I would assume that whatever Mac I get will be with me until I finish school at least. I'm leaning toward the Powerbook for the sheer portability issue. I would be able to do my homework pretty much anywhere. Also, it would have the wireless internet connection. But will it be powerful enough to deal with Photoshop, Illustrater, Quark, etc.? Or will these things require me to go desktop? Remember, I'm just a student, so I won't be doing massive amounts of designs like for customers or such. It will mainly be homework assignments.

minervacat, what are Wes's stats? What do you like & dislike about him? chebutykin, same questions for the TiBook of the Dead.
I'm feeling so computer illiterate. These Macs are strange creatures indeed!

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