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I'm tired!

And it is Miss kniblet's fault! You falling asleep at work today too? Stupid chat programs! :)
But it is already Thursday and I am in a good mood.
My classes yesterday were alright. The first one is History of Graphic Design so it has the potential to have boring stretches. But it is also short: only 2.5 hours and he gave us two breaks.
The night class is the one I'm really excited about. Print Production I. I'll finally be getting a really good base knowledge of everything needed to get something ready for press! And we're gonna do field trips to printers & stuff! Since the night class is so small she's even going to try to get us a tour of the Star Tribune while they're running the next days papers. That just sounds so freakin' cool!
The downside is that the class is all QuarkXPress. She won't let us use InDesign. Print Production II is both Quark & InDesign though. *sigh* I think I'm going to have to give in and buy the student version of Quark. Bleah. At least the student price has dropped drastically from the insane price it used to be!
And, bonus, it is a good teacher that I really like rather than that "teacher" I had last semester. Yay!
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