HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Who who who wants some picture spam?

Pictures from yesterday's owl talk that Birdchick gave at The Raptor Center:

I just love this guy's cock-eyed head tilt. Sharon described him as the Forrest Gump of the center's education birds. He had head trauma when he was brought in.

Barred Owl
(Strix varia)

Boreal Owl
(Aegolius funereus)

Eastern Screech Owl, gray morph
(Otus asio)

Eastern Screech Owl, red morph
(Otus asio)

Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)

Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)

Great Horned Owl
(Bubo virginianus)

Barn Owl
(Tyto alba)
Tags: birds, pics

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