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Well shit. Last November I had posted about Joe from Wingin' It having a tumor in his abdomen. His surgery was today.
Evo just posted this update a little bit ago:

10:15 PM MST

Final update for tonight. Mike called me an hour ago, and I’ve been pondering what to write. So here goes.

The prognosis is pretty shitty. The operation is over and the doctors have decided that Joe’s cancer is inoperable. Hey — now you have an “i” word to hate.

It’s spread in too many places, is invading too many organs and has found too healthy of a blood supply. Cutting it out would simply endanger Joe, so there’s no point. They took a sizeable chunk out for for further study. With luck, this particular variety is vulnerable to either chemo or radiation therapy — cuz the knife isn’t the right tool for this job.

Docs say that he should be out and back home in a couple of days. Pray, cuss, rant, rave. Do what you need to do. With luck, there are therapies which will be helpful. More on that in the coming weeks/days when we know more and tests come back.


I've never met the guy, but in over a year of listening to the gang down there in Phoenix doing several different shows a week I feel like I know him.
I know that he is a good person with a good heart who doesn't deserve this.
I know that he has people all over the world pulling for him.
I know that he's got about the best support system ever in Michael, Evo, Summer and all the other folks down there at Draco-vista studios.
I just don't know if that's enough and it is just really damn unfair.
Fucking cancer.
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