HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

If I was down-sized, shouldn't my ass be smaller?

So, still processing the fact that for the first time in my life it is not my choice to leave a job. 
As far as being laid off goes this really isn't that bad. At least I have a ton of notice. With the vacation prorated I'll still have 108 hours to use or get paid for. P is looking into whether they also pay out sick time or not. If so I think I might have 100 or so hours there too. I'll totally be able to take time for interviews. 
I'm just not looking forward to the job hunting part. I've been here 7 years. Even though it's not a fabulous job there is certainly a comfort factor. 
Well, I've decided that I'm not even going to deal with this until we find out about hellbob's job on Thursday. 

In other news...

Well there really isn't much else.

There is some cheesy 80's band that hellbob is all excited about seeing...

Just kidding honey!!

Yup, hellbob is full of giddy fanboy delight and has even been known to squee a little bit. 
The Police are reuniting for a tour, and will be hitting Minneapolis even. 
I think our current tentative plans are to try to get kick-ass awesome $225 tickets for the Mpls show and then possibly travel somewhere else to see them with cheap seat tickets. He's thinking Chicago for that because there are Nibleys there. I'm thinking Vegas because we have the time share. And if we do Vegas we could try to assemble a group of folks (either who also want to go to the Police or who just want to do Vegas for a couple days)
Of course, no plans can be made until we learn the state of hellbob's job on Thurs.
Tags: concerts, work

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