HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

So pretty!

Woo hoo! Having a girls night out on Tuesday to go see the oh so pretty Randy Harrison in The Glass Menagerie at the Guthrie Theater. Our tickets are in the 1st & 2nd rows so we'll be practically close enough to touch him! 
If you are going "Who the heck is Randy Harrison?" you must not have watched the American Queer As Folk. He played Brian Kinney's favorite boy-toy, Justin. Here is a pic:

That is cool and all, but the best thing about it? There will be a program signed by Randy waiting for me at the box office! Yay! The older I get the more I've figured out that it never hurts to ask, the worst they can do is say 'no'. I'd sent an email to the Guthrie asking about if it was possible to wait outside the stage door afterwards for autographs like they do on Broadway and the very nice lady who answered my email said that it's best not to because there are many exits and also a lot of the actors tend to stay late. But she also included this in her email  "Typically we do not facilitate requests for autographs because as you might expect we get thousands of requests and it would be difficult to please everyone.  Randy however was kind enough to sign some programs for us as he frequently gets requests and wants to accommodate the public as much as he can.  So I will leave a signed program at the box office with your name on it."  Yay!


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