HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Went to the Apple site hoping to see "shipped" after my laptop, but it is still "estimated ship date 9/29/03" Ditto for the ipod. Talk about the need for instant gratification. I only ordered the thing less than a week ago, the new models were just released a little over a week ago so there are probably a ton of orders out there that apple is working on, and I had a bunch of customization mods. So, I should be happy that they will be shipping it in only one week & not longer. But I want it NOW!

I went out to see a co-workers baby today. He was soooooo cute! I want one! Unfortunately she lives way the hell out in Cokato (When you hit Delano you're only 1/2 way there) and Michelle & I got sort of lost on the way there. It's really easy to find, you just follow Hwy 12. But, Hwy 12 takes a slight turn to the right in Delano, and we totally missed the sign & kept going straight. After about 1/2 hour we were commenting on how we hadn't seen any traffic for a while. And we hadn't gone through any towns. There were lots of really cool sporadic storm clouds, and we were driving past all kinds of farm fields. I commented that this was way too much like the start of a horror or sci-fi movie. Then the road ended at a T. This wasn't supposed to happen. But there was traffic on the road that we had encountered so at least we knew we weren't lost in a rip in the space/time continuum. We turned left and ended up in Winsted. This would have been useful informatin if either of us had a clue where Winsted was in relation to Cokato. Turns out we weren't too far off course. Had we turned right instead of left we would have ended up in the town right before Cokato.

Now I am going to go Veg out in front of the tv.

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