HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

A dude named Oscar

So, the Oscars are this Sunday... And I haven't posted anything yet about Oscar watching. 
This is partly because I've been a bit lazy. Partly because this semester at school has me pretty busy. Partly because I haven't seen MOST of the movies so there's nothing I'm really excited about this year.


It is the Oscars and that requires snark. Because you *know* someone will have on the ugliest dress evah, and someone will be drop dead gorgeous.

That being said:

Sunday night at the HellHouse there will be an Oscar un-party. 

What's an un-party you ask? 

Well, we'll be watching the show (with Tivo delay for commercials of course) and I'll have a crock pot of some kind of food, but I won't be doing the uber-hostess thing. We'll call it a potluck. If you wanna come over bring some food. There is no dress code. lucky13charm and I are both planning to wear our most formal flannel jammies. :)  We also both have the next day off work so at least one bottle of dad's homemade wine will be opened. Because it is an un-party we will be picking up the clutter but you are not allowed to notice if the house is not cleaned to party standards. 

We've got the super big tv and the Big Damn Couch seats about 7. If we have just a few extra people hellbobcan rig up a second tv in the dining room (although we don't have stools for our new table yet...).  

Like I said, strictly casual. If you wanna come hang out to watch the Oscars just let me know. 
Just rsvp in comments so I know how many people I'll not be hostessing for! :)

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