HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Oscar babblings

Nicole Kidman's shoulder bow is frightening! As is Lucy Liu's hemline.

Wil Farrell & Jack Black signing! Yay!

Pan's Labyrinth scored two Oscars right away!

Dude! That sound effects choir was freaking cool!

Steve Carrell! Greg Kinnear! Sound editing is like sex!

Awwww. Abigail Breslin brought a stuffed Curious George with her!

Martin Scorcese's eyebrows scare me!!

LOL! Shadow penguins are great.

The Coke commercial with the zombies was kinda fun

Hey, Al Gore has a sense of humor!

The penguin guy's tux is Ug-ly!

It's my boyfriend!!!!!!!!! Ben Affleck!!!!!! He's looking good tonight!

Gwyneth Paltrow's dress is the wrong color for her. At least she doesn't look as bad as she did a few years ago!

Darn. I was really hoping Pan's Labyrinth wouldn't win cinematography because I really wanted Children of Men to win something!

How do you keep an elephant from charging? Take away his Mastercard.

Snakes On A Plane shadows! hee hee!

Clooney was drinking with Al Gore. LOL!

Celine Dion is gonna sing? Time for me to take a bathroom break!

Damn. Could J Ho have gotten any more sparkly chunks o' rock on that dress?

Jennifer Hudson's red dress she's wearing to sing is soooo much prettier than the other one she was wearing.

I hadn't seen any of the best actress movies and even though I knew one of the old ladies would win I really wanted Kate Winslet to win.

I also wanted Forrest Whitaker to win even though I was sure that Peter O'Toole would get it on the basis of "he's really old and has never won." Glad I was wrong!

And Scorcese finally has an Oscar.
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