HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Go UCLA! Go Georgetown!

Got the updated pool standings...I'm in 8th place right now with a chance to take first! Yay!

If Florida beats UCLA I'm out for sure because there are 3 people above me who picked Florida but also Georgetown so it won't matter if Georgetown wins or loses, they'll still have more points than me.

If UCLA beats Florida, but Ohio beats Georgetown there will be 10 people ahead of me and one tied. Of those, 3 also picked UCLA for the win so I would be in 4th place, and if Ohio won I'd be way down the list.

If UCLA beats Florida and Georgetown beats Ohio then going into the final game I'll be first place winner if UCLA wins! Because the only person w/more points than me who picked both UCLA & Georgetown picked Georgetown for the win. 

OK. All that "what if x wins" math is giving me a headache! Basicially, on Saturday I want Georgetown to win and then if they do I'm still in the running. Then UCLA needs to win and I'm still in the running for money.

I'm not sure if I'd get it though if it was UCLA vs. Georgetown & Georgetown wins... The math part of my brain is too tired to figure that out right now.

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