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Hanging w/the Birdchick

I had a very fun day today. I got up this morning and headed on down to Carpenter Nature Center in Hastings to join the other Sharon, aka Birdchick, in bird banding.
It was too windy today for them to put up nets so they were just using ground traps. It was just Dark-eyed Juncos hopping into the traps for the most part, but the big excitement was the Sharp-shinned Hawk that came on in! They caught him and banded him and then after me & Sharon got pictures of him I got to hold him and let him go! It was sooooo cool! Here's a picture of the handsome guy:

After Carpenter it was just too damn cold and windy to look at any birds outside so we wandered into Hastings for a yummy lunch at Green Mill and then headed back into the Cities to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center where we could sit inside in comfort and watch the bird feeders.

While there we saw:
Red-bellied Woodpeckers
Hairy Woodpeckers
Downy Woodpeckers
Red-winged Blackbirds
House Finches
American Goldfinches
Black-capped Chickadees
White-breasted Nuthatches
American Tree Sparrows
Song Sparrows
Dark-eyed Juncos
and Wild Turkeys

genevra, we're gonna have to take the Monkeys there sometime so they can see all the birds.

After a few hours at the visitor's center Sharon & I headed to a park just off 35W & 66th because someone had told Sharon about a Great Horned Owl nest. We found it! Yay!

It was a very full day for me with lots of new birds spotted.
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