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At work. Bleah.

Only 56 more days here after today... (technically 58, but I'm going to be sick two days in June)

I really need to clean out my laptop's hard drive. It's a 60GB drive and I only have 6.69 GB free. That's a big improvement over yesterday when I had less than 1GB free. Couldn't even run Photoshop. *sigh* 

It's mostly music too, I think. I'm going to have to start running through all the songs that have no rating and decide which ones I like and want to keep and which ones I want to dump. 

The music I have in iTunes with no rating takes up over 12.5 GB. 
And a lot of those are probably songs I don't like/want/need. 
When I get a CD I put the whole thing in, even if I don't know all the songs. And we all know that damn few CDs have every single song is a good one! (Unless you are in a band and are reading this. I love ALL your songs, of course!) I also have some where people give me a copy of a CD and I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. 

My iTunes music library is 24.35 GB. Yeah, some of that has got to go. As space becomes more valuable I'm definitely becoming pickier about the music. If I'm torn between giving a song a 3-star or a 1-star I give it the 1-star and the next time I boot up iTunes it is out of there. 

Some stuff stays no matter what though. If it's a cover and i don't like it, it will get 2-star so it stays on the computer even though I won't listen to it. Yeah, I know. There's no logic to that! 
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