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As I mentioned briefly (cuz I've been an LJ slacker lately, yo) I went birding with BirdChick last Friday. Our last stop before heading our separate ways was Wood Lake Nature Center down in Richfield. There were reports of a Great Horned Owl nesting in a squirrel nest.
We thought the wind was nasty. She must have just been hating life up there in the tree!
We only saw the momma: it was probably too cold and windy for the baby to want to poke his head out.
Here's the pic I took of momma:

Today I got to leave work a little early (system was down all day. Had to use vacation time if I wanted to get paid though...) so I headed back to the Nature Center to see if I could get a better picture of her now that it was sunny and not windy. I didn't see momma owl at all, but her cute little fuzzy baby was in the nest:

Looking at owl pictures makes me miss my kitty-cat Cougar. *sigh*
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