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It was so beautiful out yesterday so after work I headed over to the eagle nest that BirdChick posted about. Just as I found it and pulled up one of the eagles had just brought some food in and then flew off again. I was able to get a pretty good shot of him:

It's just amazing. This nest is right within sight of the intersection of two freeways, and there are constant loud airplanes because it's so close to the airport. Not the kind of place you expect to see Bald Eagles nesting!

I talked to the guy who's house is directly across the street from it for a bit. The eagles first showed up in the neighborhood right around Christmas last year. The whole neighborhood has just been loving getting to watch them, and they've had a few people coming through to see them but no one has been disturbing them. The guy has a beautiful sweet cat that gets to go outside and I'm just hoping that she doesn't end up being eagle chow.
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