HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Yes, I am still here!

I've been a major LJ slacker lately. Yes, I'm still here. No, nothing really new in my life.

Just over a week ago snoopygirl_niki had her puppy! A little girl! I haven't seen her yet, and she hasn't sent me any pictures yet (Yes, Niki, that is a hint!)

Friday I tried to take lucky13charm to see the baby owl at Wood Lake. He wasn't there up in the tree, and from the guy working in the nature center we learned the sad news... Sometime Monday night the baby fell from the tree. They found him on the ground Tuesday morning and put him in a basket that they put up into the tree so predators wouldn't get him. He must have sustained internal injuries because he never bounced back from it and he was dead Friday morning. :(
So, since I couldn't show her the fuzzy owl I took her over to show her the eagle nest.

I sowed the seeds of this year's Darwin garden on Friday. For the curious, a Darwin garden is when you sprinkle a bunch of seeds randomly through your garden and see what manages to grow: Survival of the fittest.

Speaking of survival of the fittest, I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed now. Night all~

*edit* I must have been tired last night, I forgot to hit the post button on this!
Tags: boring, life

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