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Semester is almost over...

My class was cancelled last night, but we were still expected to drop off our homework so the teacher could start grading it today. So I headed to school as usual to get it finished up and printed and assembled. I don't think I would have bothered if I hadn't gone to my morning class, but with the parking pay pass you only pay once per day so I didn't have to pay for parking the second time. The assignment I had to finish was a samples portfolio with examples of 50 different kinds of printing, finishes, folds, etc. I would have been able to assemble it at home except that I don't have a color laser printer there! 
Now all I have left for the semester is next week. I have to write a six page paper comparing two designers. I also need to figure out which two designers I want to do. I'm thinking that I'll do Chip Kidd for one of them... That paper is due by noon Wednesday and our teacher also wants us to go to the department's portfolio show that morning. Then in my night class we have one last in class assignment and we are also having a potluck. Then I am on summer vacation for 3 months! Of course, as soon as classes are done I have to start my job hunt...

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