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Just called Airborne Express with my tracking numbers & the chick said that my laptop is in the US and will be to my house by noon tomorrow. Should I hold my breath?
If I had any faith in the whole Apple/Airborne delivery system by this point I would now be seriously considering calling in sick tomorrow!
hellbob & I spent much money on graphic novels at the comic convention today. But we got them all for at least 30% off cover price, if not more. We had missed last years convention because it was the same weekend we were in Fargo with Virginia Hey, so this was our first time attending at the fairgrounds (It had been at the Thunderbird Hotel by the Mall of America previous years). I don't know if there were more people and stuff, or if it just seemed like it because of the space, but we had a good time. Saw cajones & chebutykin, of course. I also briefly saw michaellee. Also talked to a few people I knew from back in my Fargo comic shop days. Lusted after the Death statue that was at a very good price, but decided that we should not squander more money, especially if we may be basement-dweller-less in the near future.
Oh, got my financial aid info! Hadn't really stressed about filing it before school started because I really didn't expect to get anything, but I qualified for loans of about $3000 per quarter. Apparently I just didn't qualify the last time I applied because I was only taking one class instead of two and you have to have at least 6 credits.

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