HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Falwell is dead, Tinky Winky comes out of the closet...

Falwell is dead and hopefully he's in Heaven. Yes, I did say that. Read on and you see why.

From apocalypsos's LJ and comments in threads:

TP: As has been said I'm sorry for his loved ones but ... yeah. You know what makes me happy? You know that smack upside the head you give your little brother when he's being a real moron? I keep picturing God walking up to Jerry Falwell in Heaven and giving him that exact same smack.
And then when he said, "Who do you think you are, woman?", She'd smack him again just for kicks.

Me: But see, your Falwell scenario could never happen because he'd have to be in Heaven and I'm pretty sure that he's hanging out somewhere a little warmer. :)

TP: You know, on one hand I really want to think that.
On the other hand I'd LOVE to see him in Heaven, walking in and seeing people of all colors and girls holding hands with other girls and boys making out and Muslims and Jews and pagans and people wearing pro-choice shirts and realizing that he's going to be spending eternity in that place with people he loathes. (Of course looking at it that way means that IS his Hell, but whatever.)

Me: Oooooh. I like that idea. He goes to Heaven, where he was convinced he was going, and he finds out that he's not nearly as important there as he thought he was. And besides dealing with all the people he loathes, having to admit that he was wrong about them would make it his hell.
hee hee
This is making me giggle now.
Tags: dead celebs, funny

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