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Weekend and miscellany

So, weekend is over. I'm back at work. Bleah. 

Our party on Saturday was wonderfully crowded and folks seemed to be having a good time. 

OK, here's the list of who all came and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone: akdar, genevra, gigglemonkey_b, technomonkey_m, Cousin Dave, Don, Julie, Dalton, Halle, kaldeth, kalfoley, Anna, James, shrique, mhuot, Erik, gunthar, gingerpook, davidkingsley, kditzy, boliviafang, irishdragon, Mark, Darek, Nissa, Jeanine, Curt, Steve, Tammy, Ted, Emily, Dwan, Jennifer, their three kids, geohard, realsarah,  Chewbacca!, lucky13charm, michaellee, jmanna, mle292, and vanaabegra. I don't think I forgot anyone...

There was TONS of food and plenty to drink. We now know that boliviafang can exist outside the presence of the Nibleys. We did indeed weep pitiously a couple times at their absense, but then boliviafang & I toasted them with the yummy French cider that had been sent home from Chicago with me. 

The fire pit wasn't the usual draw that it is because of the chilly weather. WTF? We've had October BBQs that were warmer! 

Then on Sunday hellbob & I went to see 28 weeks later. Fun movie. NOT a zombie movie! It is a disease/outbreak movie regardless of how zombie-like the infected are. 

Now that the house is clean and we have chairs for our dining room table it is time to start having folks over for dinner and game nights! 
I think a Killer Bunnies night should happen in the near future. One where everyone already knows the game so we don't have to spend time teaching. :)

We are 2.5 weeks from Vegas! Yay! I'll have to send out an email to all who are going to get details settled on who is arriving when so we can arrange to get folks checked in and stuff. 

Some sad news. Chiana has to go to the Mac doctor today. She won't run off the power cord and the battery doesn't charge. This is the same problem that was repaired last October so they'd darn well better have a warranty on the part & repair! Grrrrrrr.
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