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Permanent suspensions

LJ has started censoring. Journals & communities are being suspended because of interests they have listed. This is in response to complaints from a group called "Warriors for Innocence"
The posts about it can be found here, here, and here
It upsets me so much that they are doing this. Yes, some real pedophilia communities were suspended, but at what cost? Freedom of speech is one of our most important freedoms.
Blanket suspensions may have removed some pedophile communities, but had that "Warriors" group chosen to work with law enforcement the real pedophiles could have been caught and arrested rather than getting a big ol' warning to go hide.
Censorship is never a good thing.
I'm glad I don't write fanfic because I don't think I could handle all the drama and wank that goes on, but LJ censoring it will affect me too. I read fanfic and I've found many good LJ friends because of it. I don't read incest or Wincest, and I don't have them in my interests, but just because it's not something I choose to read doesn't mean it shouldn't be there for others. And I'm not even saying that I *never* read Wincest. I don't ever go looking for it, but there is one author on my flist that writes it and I will read it when she does because I will read *anything* she writes. She is just an excellent damn writer. But for me she is the exception. If it is any other writer and the authors notes at the beginning of the fic list any of the things that squick me I just don't read it.
Freedom of speech doesn't mean you are required to read things you don't want to, it means that they have the right to exist and it is your decision to read or not.
I'm really hoping that we will find in a day or two that we all overreacted in response to this... *sigh*
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