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A - Act your age – Do I have to?
B - Boyfriend – Shhh. Don't tell hellbob. I've been carrying on a torrid affair with Ben Affleck & I'm the reason the wedding was called off!
C - Chore you hate – Cleaning toilets!
D - Dad's name - James Lloyd
E - Essential make up item – I don't wear make-up... That's 5 minutes that I could have been sleeping!
F - Favorite actor – Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart, Adrien Paul, Kevin Spacey, John Cusack
G - Gold or silver - Silver
H - Hometown - Born in Kingston, NY, Grew up in Andover, MN, Live in Crystal, MN now.
I - Instruments you play – The radio.
J - Job title – Remittance processor
K - Kids – None of the human variety. Two feline kids, Gabriel & Lump
L - Living arrangements – hellbob & I own a house & chebutykin lives in our basement (but she just bought a house & will be moving soon)
M - Mum's name - Kathleen Ann
N - Number of people you've slept with – A lady never kisses & tells. Besides, since I am married the answer is obviously "just hellbob!"
O - Overnight hospital stays – 1, appendix in 1997 (they took it out at 11 pm, I left the next day at 3 pm)
P - Phobia – Clowns! Clowns are NOT funny! They are scary & creepy & evil!!!
Q - Quote you like - "There can be only one"
R - Religious affiliation - wiccan
S - Siblings - Older sister genevra, little brother Paul.
T - Time you wake up? - too damn early! Alarm goes off at 6am, I hit snooze until 6:30 or so.
U - Unique habit – I can carry on a conversation at night with hellbob while appearing wide awake, but I'm asleep and remember nothing.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat – used to be brocolli, but I've gotten over that. Mushrooms aren't technically a veggie, but they are disgusting all the same.
W - Worst habit – I bite my fingernails.
X - X-rays you've had – Collarbone after a car accident. My knees more times than I can count. Never had a bone broken though except one that the doctor cut in surgery.
Y - Yummy food you make – A chicken & rice dish, I also make yummy banana bread & apple pie.
Z - Zodiac Sign – Cancer, with Scorpio rising.

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