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Still here...

Not been up to much lately.

Friday afternoon I went on out to the zoo for a little while. Got some good pics of my tiger girls, and one or two good wolf pics. Also got some monkey pics, and some lemurs.
Friday night I dragged hellbob with me to see Helvetica. I liked it. Hellbob didn't hate it. It definitely isn't a movie for you if you don't love fonts.
Saturday kaldeth & kalfoley joined us to go see Knocked Up. It wasn't as good as 40-Year Old Virgin, but it was still pretty darn funny. Then we came back to our house for a game of Killer Bunnies. hellbob won by virtue of being the only one with a bunny at the end.
Today we went over to Glen & Carol's house for a Game Day. I won a game of Can't Stop, was the 3rd person knocked out in a 5 person game of Risk (Hellbob came in second and Ted ended up ruling the world) and I learned a game called Bazaar which was made by 3M in the 60's. Fun little game.
Now I'm staying up way too late, as usual, and I've got work tomorrow.
I'm in the computer room instead of on the couch because my laptop has a leash on her... My wireless card is not working and I can't replace it until tomorrow since it is payday tomorrow.


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Jun. 4th, 2007 06:17 pm (UTC)
Somehow I forgot or didn't know that you were a boardgamer. Add that to the knitting and we have a few more things in common. Of course, I can't get TOO excited because you may turn out to be a big fan of Smallville or something horrid like that :-).

Dani in NC
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