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Any genius Mac people on my flist?

Help! My computer has stopped connecting to the wireless.

I've had my laptop for 3 1/2 years now and just a few days ago the airport connection started going up and down. I thought the airport card might be loose so I pulled it out and put it back in. After that the computer wouldn't even see the card. I bought a new one today and the computer does see it, but when I can get the computer to see the wireless network the connection lasts for less than a minute.
I think I've tried everything on this post that will work for my system ( http://www.index-site.com/WIFI1048.html )
The router is a Linksys. My husband hasn't had any network problems with his Windows laptop or either of his Windows desktops.
The internet works fine for me when I use an ethernet cable, but I am going insane without wireless.
Any ideas on what causes this or what else I could try?
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