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I like McCarran better than HHHumphrey!

McCarran Int'l Airport has free wireless!!! W00t!
I'd be doing the dance of happiness if my feet didn't hurt so much!

So, I haven't read LJ since Thursday afternoon. Should we take bets on how far back I'll have to skip? :)

I saw a Cirque de Soleil show.
I won a little money, but I then lost a little more than I won.
I not only saw a Penn & Teller show, but I also got to meet both of them!
I took lots of pictures of Moose
I walked many many miles. It felt like hundreds.

I got to meet tx_cronopio in person, and I got to see caoilainn again. We never did get a chance to call felisblanco though because the time difference to Iceland always made it far too late/early her time to be calling. She might be getting some mail soon though...

So now I'm gonna go see how far back on the flist I have to go, and I'm gonna open stuff in tabs so I can read it while on the plane.
Tags: travel, vacation, vegas, wireless

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