HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

naked Spike!

"Strip Tease: Picture it. James Marsters. In the nude. Do you really need another reason to watch the WB's Angel this season?

During a live set visit for E! News Live (which you can see a segment of below), James confessed to me that the rumors are true--he does appear in the buff. In fact, he has already shot the scene. Me-yowww."

My friend Jeanine had sent me the link to that E!Online bit of news yesterday, and tonight's "next week on Angel" warned of partial nudity! Yay!! I'm all for partially nude vampires.

In other E!Online news, one of the loves of my life is getting divorced. Now he will be mine, oh yes he will. Make it so! Patrick Stewart is separated from his wife.

and, notmonochrome, the plant in the new icon is Albert.

edit: according to hellbob it wasn't clear that the first couple sentences were a quote from E!Online, so they have quotation marks & italics now. So there.

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